Anonymous asked:
whats your instagram?

imnotyourtaco my pics suck tho 

Anonymous asked:
do you watch porn if so which kind

yes, to be more specific i follow foodporn on instagram 


Portia on E! Online at the #TGIT Party

Portia’s so excited to be on “Scandal” this season. It’s practically all she talks about. Already this morning she said, “Ellen, stop asking me what happens on ‘Scandal’ this season,” and “I didn’t hide my ‘Scandal’ scripts in the ceiling fan, so get down from there.” It’s adorable.
Ellen’s Weekly Newsletter; September 21, 2014 (via caliiigurlll)


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi arrive at the TGIT Premiere Event

ellen looks so precious 

Portia de Fabulous 

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